FCM, possesses a highly specialized team, always aware of the latest in tax legislation and jurisprudence, dedicated to devising legal solutions to rationalize its clients' tax expenses and to resolve disputes.

The tax practice of FCM advises companies in the interpretation and application of federal, state and municipal tax legislation, compliance with main and accessory obligations, tax planning, due diligence and implementation of new projects, with constant awareness and focus in the decisions of courts and fiscal councils in order to minimize the risks of conflicts with the tax authorities.

The team performs highly when representing clients in tax consultations and in tax litigation, in procedures requiring previous analysis, guidance and formulation of requirements or compliance with notices in inspection processes, defense against federal, state and municipal tax assessments, in the administrative and judicial instances, recovery of taxes, installments and in conducting leading tax cases.


FCM has extensive experience in corporate transactions of various sizes, advising clients in mergers and acquisitions, transfer of control, transfer of minority interests, corporate reorganization, interface with the Brazilian Central Bank (BACEN) in compliance with the regulatory framework, structuring consortia and joint ventures.

The performance of FCM corporate team ensures its clients a solid legal structure for conducting their business and the identification of optimal, tailor-made solutions to meet their business needs.

Labor Area

The dynamism and creativity present in the FCM services guide its performance in the labor segment. Going beyond the handling of law suits, the firm offers extensive consultancy services in the area, and delves into the particularities of each client, helping them to identify and mitigate risks, as well as adopt best practices, in order to provide integrated solutions with the other areas of law.

Civil Law and Arbitration

FCM has a multidisciplinary team dedicated to assisting individual and corporate clients in the civil law matters, acting on a preventive or non-litigious basis, in estate and succession planning, real estate transactions and regularization, including real estate incorporations and subdivisions, and preparation various contracts, such as franchises, supply of goods and services, management and investment funds, always committed to seeking solutions with maximum efficiency.

The Civil practice of FCM has a long history of defending the interests of clients in the scope of strategic/ systemic litigation, assisting them in complex negotiations and arbitration procedures, in mediation, in public civil actions and possessory and petitionary actions, in short, in extrajudicial and judicial disputes, advising clients in litigations before Superior Courts and with recognized success in the implementation of its strategies.

Government Relations

The experience held by FCM over more than thirty years of practice and the competence of its professionals have contributed for successfully defending the interests of clients in the administrative law matters, in an advisory and contentious manner, in bids, contracts and administrative agreements and in general state interventions in the economy and property


Intellectual Property

FCM provides solutions regarding the registration and protection of trademarks, copyrights, software, drafting and registering contracts for the assignment or transfer of intellectual property rights, as well as advising clients in the acquisition of domain names and in judicial and extrajudicial disputes in this area.